Delving into Dreams Mentoring Sessions

Delving into Dreams Mentoring Sessions

  • Have you ever desired to improve your ability to interpret your dreams?
  • Unpack the pictures God gives you?
  • Understand biblical symbolism?

If so, then these mentoring sessions are for you!

Course Summary: An exploration of dreams, pictures and biblical symbols in a fun, relaxed small group setting.

Detailed Description: Join us and explore the depths of hidden meaning in these mentoring sessions and grow in your skill to develop your interpretation ability along with Holy Spirit. You will be able to practice with others and be guided by the help of experienced dream interpreters in a small group setting.

Here are a few comments from our trial group over the last year:

  • “I’ve learned more in the last 10 minutes than through any other study of dreams I’ve done over the years – thank you so much” Allana
  • “We really feel it's a safe place to grow and learn how to interpret dreams, where everybody's opinions are valued and accepted.  We have been doing dreams for a long time now.  You have taken us back to basics and helped us to refocus again. Thank you so much for that, we needed to.” Brian & Alison
  • “When I started, I was really nervous because I didn’t know anything about dreams (although I was interested). But I found it a great help to break down the dream and work through it in segments, learning to find what the essence of the dream was. It was also good to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions, even though they were sometimes different from mine, this in itself helped my learn, because it didn’t mean that I was wrong. Since starting I feel it has given me more confidence with dreams and I have also found myself using the same sort of methods when I interpret a word or picture for someone. “ Linda

These sessions will allow you to have time interacting with our experienced dream interpreters and will allow you to work through how to interpret dreams, pictures and symbols together as a group.

You will have the chance to interpret dreams from a variety of different people, faiths and cultures, both written and spoken, as well as dreams of various lengths and levels of complexity.  

Each Session will include:

A warm up exercise looking at and understanding possible meanings for a ‘dream picture’

Working through one or two dreams together (Sent for you to look at and try beforehand)

Space for asking questions

Exploring the different meanings of any symbols contained within the dream

Practice visualising the dream and getting the key essence

Practice putting together an interpretation in an understandable way

Being mentored in a small group on different ways to reach the interpretation together

Duration 1 -1½ hour

There will be a mentoring group based onsite at our Light & Life offices in Paisley or you can join a separate live online group using interactive video software. (Dates and times to be finalised with each group)

These sessions will be ongoing throughout the year on a monthly basis, and there are different options of time you can choose to subscribe for:

ONE OFF payment for 1 year £125 (Saving £55) or 6 months £62.50 (Saving £27.50)  per person

OR MONTHLY installments 1 year or 6 months for £12.50 a month (Saving £2.50 per month) per person

OR 1 month at a time for £15.00 per person

We would suggest to get the most benefit from these mentoring sessions that you initial sign-up for one year or six months.

There are no requirements to join any of the groups. Each group is a place to come and learn together in a fun relaxed environment. If you are joining an online group you would be required to download a free program on your mobile, tablet or computer and connect to each session at the scheduled time. This would therefore require an Internet connection and a short time to understanding how the program works before the mentoring sessions.

Opportunities will also be given for further teaching and reading.

Our team is also available for local workshops, teaching and mentoring. For more information contact

Lead Dream Interpreter
The mentoring sessions will be primarily led by Gordon Davidson who has been learning to interpret pictures, symbols and dreams for over twenty years. He was initially taught about dreams by John Paul Jackson through the Streams Ministries Dream Courses and Internship. Since then he has joined the the Light & Life leadership team. He has taught and interpreted dreams at many events and outreaches, as well as interpreting dreams from all over the world. You can find out more about Gordon on the Light & Life website under the team section.

Occasionally others will join Gordon during the mentoring sessions from the Light & Life team, including His wife Jacquelyne who has also been on a similar journey to Gordon.

Light & Life are a group of ordinary people, each with different backgrounds and stories, who have found spiritual fulfillment and freedom through Jesus. ‘Spiritual’ rather than ‘religious’,  our aim is to show people true Christian spirituality by demonstrating the Jesus of the bible through love, signs, wonders and miracles.

If you have any questions regarding these mentoring sessions please contact us or directly email

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